Friday, December 26, 2008


Things went better than I had hoped. I didn't end up having to work on Christmas Eve because we didn't actually get called ...bizarre. Monk's family and my mom came over on Christmas Eve for dinner and it was actually pretty nice. Everyone brought a dish to pass ...Monk's mom brought the ham ...the kids exchanged gifts and all was fine. Everything was cleaned up, packed away, and Santa came and I was in bed by 11 p.m. No tears, even.

Christmas day the golden child woke us up at 7 am. She was beyond thrilled with her take. We spent way too much money on her..about the only thing she didn't get was a new snowboard but she'll have to buy that on her own. I logged in to the hospital to look at my census and lo and behold there are 8 new patients on the list. Umm..great. I immediately got super emotional and crabby thinking I was going to be at the hospital all day. I get there the first consult and one of the neurologists in our call group is there happy as can be. He's Muslim and doesn't celebrate Christmas at all. I had asked both my boss and the office manager to call him and ask if he would mind taking call for us on Christmas Eve/Day. They both assured me they did and that he had declined. He came up and gave me a hug ...asked me how I was. I said that I was crabby because of being there on Christmas ...and he said, "You should have called!! I would have been more than happy to take these days for you! I am going to be here anyway!" I could have killed someone. Namely? My boss and office manager. I have literally been stressed out about being on call on Christmas since last January when the call schedule came out. I smiled and said thank you and then promptly prepared for ways to kill the people that I work with. I checked on the next 2 consults and both of them had been cancelled. So ...I got brave ...called my boss ..and told her that I was leaving for the day. I told her that because she chose to lie about not being able to find coverage for the holiday, I was choosing to spend the day with my family instead of her. She was surprised, I think, but said, "Okay...then I'll see you on Saturday?" Yep will. I haven't talked to her since. It looks like she's getting slammed today I'm sure I'll end up working two 16 hour days this weekend ...but such is life.

I got home ...we went to Monk's parents and exchanged gifts and had Christmas lunch. I'm pretty sure his mom was upset because literally EVERY single gift that she bought people is being returned. His family is actually pretty rude about it ....they just announce that they hate it and it's going back. I'd never buy another single thing for any of them if I were her. We left there, stopped at home to get the food to take to my mom's and drove out there. Exchanged gifts, had a late dinner, and came home. All in all ...I survived. None of it was as awful as what I had anticipated it would be.

In other news ...I seem to be suddenly sporting a baby bump. I'm sure that it's not noticeable to anyone but me, and even with me it's a bit of a stretch. Definitely in the morning when I'm laying down I can feel a lower abdominal fullness/firmness that I definitely can't attribute to the 30 day shred video. Clothes still fit fine. I think I'm pretty much in denial that this is actually happening. I can definitely feel the 2nd trimester approaching ....constant fatigue, dizziness, and nausea seem to be abating. Two more scary weeks to go. I promise to stay away from the pomegranate body wash if you guys promise to get me through the next couple of scary risky miscarriage weeks.


Here's to the New Year!


April said...

sounds like things went okay! you drove all over town though!!!

i can't wait to have someone else to stress over my cycle. it's so labor intensive.

i picked up my meds today and the pharmacist was so nice. she said that she was so upset to see my scripts come through b/c she knew that it didn't work the first time.

...then i got home and realized that the nurse didn't call in the OCPs. i still have a few left, but called the pharmacist and asked if there was a rx. she said no, but i could call them in for myself. i said i thought that was weird. i have never called something in for myself. i usually get someone else to do it. have you?

ok. this is long. and public. ;)

glad to hear the holidays were tolerable!


Annie said...

deal ;) bring on the 2nd tri!

christina said...

I feel bad for Monk's mom! Aren't you so glad that Christmas is over?!?! I know I sure am.

Happy New Year!


Trish said...

So glad you survived...I hold onto the phrase "this,too will pass" to get through difficult days.
So pleased to hear about your bubba. 12 weeks cannot come quick enough for many of us.
Wow on the rudeness of some people
with their gifts.

I was an RN and we worked 6hr shifts if we had to work Christmas (instead of 8.5).

Here from ICLW...No. 88
My Little Drummer Boys

~Jess said...

I would be really peeved if that happened too! What was the big deal for them to ask him, especially considering he didn't mind: GRR!

At least you made it through and they weren't as bad as anticipated.