Friday, December 12, 2008


Five. Five Dollah. Five Dollah Foooot Loooong.

I can't get that song out of my head. I haven't felt quite brave enough to get one yet ...but I think about it for about five hours a day. Zofran? Is probably the best thing in the world. Between that and a somewhat normal progesterone level now, I feel almost like a normal person again. I'm still smell sensitive and have waves of nausea but I don't feel like I'm on death row anymore.

However? It's going to take every single thing that I have to not poke my own eye out with a sharp object this weekend. Right now I'm about an hour late for an office Christmas party. I hate office Christmas parties. Monk is in a wedding this weekend where at least 2 of his ex-girlfriends will be in attendance. He is standing up with one of them. This pretty much makes me want to poke his eyes out. And because he's in the freaking wedding? It's going to consume the entire weekend. And I have a shite load of Christmas shopping and preparing to do. ARGH. If you had one inkling of how painful it will be to be around this group of people sober you'd probably volunteer to come here and poke my eyes out for me. They all started drinking at 11:30 am this morning and won't likely stop until Monday. Classy people. That's what I'm telling you. Classy.

And did I mention that my stupid husband is standing up with an ex girlfriend despite the fact that I'm pregnant and overly hormonal? Seriously. I wonder if his brain is the size of a pea. She's the sister of the groom. The groom is his best friend. No one knows they were ever together and he doesn't want to tell them. It was like 20 years ago. I might have to let it slip on the drunk bus ride between the wedding and the reception just to prove a point. Because I'm that much of a witch. But seriously. Would that piss you off?


Mermaid said...

Yes - the wedding thing would really piss me off. But so would the Christmas party, because I hate those things.

Wishing 4 One said...

Hey. I just caught up on you. 10 weeks or so preg, AWESOME! I have been away too long. And I would so be alittle "strange" about husband standing up in wedding with ex, even if it was 20 years ago, still kinda weird. Anyway, do let it slip out, would love to hear about the reactions. So a super late congrats from me and don't worry about this being the "scary time" period, all will be fine and hey youre sick right? xoxoxoxo

Mermaid said...

Thanks for your kind comments! I'm still over the moon excited about twins! I'm a bit worried about my dogs and a baby. However, they've met my nephew and know to respect the baby. Mostly, they just stay away. My cocker is pretty old and he's mellowed out a lot. He used to be nuts. However, he was my first baby, so he is possessive of me.

I think it is great if your dh gets to stay home with the baby for awhile. That will be good for both of them. I always wanted to be the one to stay home, but it wouldn't work for us.

Oh, don't eat the $5 footlong - the pregnancy know-it-alls say lunch meat is bad. Listeria or something.

April said...

:) oh girl. office parties are the devil!

maybe you can have fun at the wedding. maybe the ex has some sort of facial deformitiy now? hmmmm.....

don't poke out your eyes. :)