Monday, July 25, 2011

20 weeks

So I'm currently on my night shift week ...which sucks when I'm not pregnant.  I don't deal with it well at ALL pregnant.  Thank God it's moved to every six weeks and we've actually interviewed a couple of people to work full time nights which would take me off the godforsaken rotation all together.  They better hire them ...or else I'm scheduled to do nights at 26, 33, and ummm... 39 weeks gestation.  Yeah.  I'm not feeling that at ALL.

Anyway.  I had my MFM level II ultrasound today.  I was beyond a wreck.  During my shift last night, I coded - as in code blue - unsuccessfully, mind you - a 20 something mother of four that was 9 days post-partum.  It was 2 in the morning, and my MFM was also there.  We both looked like crap for my appointment this morning at 9:30.  There are some codes that you will always remember for how horrific they truly were and how freaking horrible the circumstances that a family has just been thrown into are.  This was one of them.  Everyone there was rocked last night.  There are some things about pregnancy that just ....suck.  Like.  Really suck. 

Anyway.  Everything with this peanut looks great.  I couldn't be more shocked.  I really don't understand the 2 step integrated NT/Quad screen thing ...because I swear the whole purpose of it was to get the results in the first trimester.  I never DID get my results until today.  I knew that it was an excellent NT measurement. If I'm being honest, I never actually called to inform them that I didn't have the results because I didn't really want to deal with it until I was in the presence of the MFM anyway.  BUT - the results were stellar.  Less than 1:5000 for any of the tested chromosomal abnormalities.  Combined with a mostly perfect ultrasound (mostly because we couldn't see one kidney ...but he's pretty sure it's there) and exam (everything with me was great except my blood pressure :P - see code and lack of sleep above).  It's still a boy.  Measuring on target.  Placenta is no longer previa at ALL.  No sign of the SCH or any residual.   I'm still really, really not feeling movement.  I might feel a slight wiggle once or twice a day if I think about it really hard.  He didn't have any explanation for that seemed to be moving fine on the ultrasound.  Monk thinks it's just a lazy baby.  After the last couple of weeks with A2 ...I'm almost hoping that he's right!

I somehow managed to be at the appointment alone through a series of scheduling blunders.  I wouldn't recommend that to anyone.  I left his office full of good news ..and get this ...sobbed hysterically. 

Because I'm exhausted and overtired and hate the night shift.

And mostly .... because I can't figure out how we could possibly be so lucky.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet Baby Boy.

Although it's hard to see ....he's giving me the finger in the picture.  I was seriously disturbing his cuddle time with the placenta.  Love it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Amazing what a decent night of sleep and another ultrasound can do for peace of mind.

Although ...the night of sleep.   Geezus.  Baby A2 fairly recently started sleeping through the night consistently.  Like ..maybe 2 months ago.  3 weeks ago, he started talking/yelling in his sleep.  All. Night. Long.  Last night, he kept yelling "SUPERMAAAAAN" about every 10 minutes.  I've resigned myself to no sleep for the next 10 years or so.

Anyway ...I called the OB and she sent me right over for a formal ultrasound.  The placenta is thankfully - so very thankfully - now more than an inch away from the cervix and pulling farther away all of the time.  I drank approximately 27 gallons of water between yesterday and today (clearly, an exaggeration ...but omg. the water) and fluid levels were much, much better today. 

The only problem is that I was contracting throughout the ultrasound.  Umm.  Still have really good cervix length, though.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm currently curled up in bed cuddling a lovey two year old and panicking.

Curiosity kills the cat. I was overwhelmed with gender obsession today and asked one of the docs I was working with to take a peek. We think there is probably a penis. Think. It could have been a hand. Or a cord.

Also? Happened to notice that I stil have complete previa. And really low amniotic fluid.

I'm not really sure what to do with this info other than panic. I did drink about six gallons of water, left work, and came home to lay on my left side. I'll talk to the regular ob tomorrow..and see the Mfm on the 25th. And obssess about congenital defects and abruption in the interim.

I'm exhausted and crabby. Work is in major suck mode. Right now my best case scenario seems to lead to bed rest, financial ruin, and no maternity leave.

Maybe I'll just go to sleep.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hi ho ..hi ho's off to MFM I go.

I can't quite getting used to seeing "advanced maternal age" as a diagnosis on my check-out sheet when I leave the OB office.  I swear to God I'm still in high school.  Advanced age??  Seriously?

But yeah ...apparently seriously.  This two step integrated NT scan thing is becoming a pain in my keister.  I had the second draw done just yesterday.  Which um...doesn't make sense to me.  I thought that the whole point of the test was to get results in the first trimester?  Anyway.  They still don't anticipate having results for another couple of weeks ...and I'm old ...and had another episode of bleeding on Wednesday at work so I'm being turfed to MFM.  I'm not sure for how long.   My weight is already up 6 pounds ...which isn't a great thing this early in the pregnancy.  I keep trying to remind myself that I'm starting this pregnancy out 30 pounds lighter than the last one ...but I really liked my 13 pound gain for the entire pregnancy the last time.  It's probably up 12 pounds today, in all honesty ...because I bought a loaf of pretzel bread at Whole Foods and between baby A2 and I, the entire thing might already be gone.  My god it's good.

AHHHHHH.  Sorry.  Had to get that out.  Stupid pelvic pain from symphysis pubis dysfunction is back.  Already.  I could cry just thinking about it, honestly.  I'm going to attempt to start PT now - even though they say it's useless and the pain is mild right now.  There's NO way I can go through what I did post-partum with the last pregnancy.  Can. Not. Do. It.  So ..I'll push through whatever during this pregnancy in an attempt to come out at the end with some muscle tone somewhere.  I'm really, really nervous about having this pain with my job.  Even on "limited" activity at work, I'm walking at least 4 miles a day.  By my fourth 12 hour day, every step is painful.  Towards the end of the last pregnancy, I could barely walk 10 feet without crying.  The OB still wants me off work - or at the very least working no more than 6 hours a day.  I convinced her to let me push through until I see the MFM so I can try and come up with some sort of compromise.  I have to work if we want to eat and keep our house. 

Other than the terrifying episode of bleeding, we've had a really good week.  I'm trying to adjust to having an almost 16 year old that has friends that are driving her all over everywhere.  It's painful.  And scary.  And somewhat wonderful to see her blossom.  We spent the day at the Detroit Zoo on Thursday.  Baby A2 could not be more fascinated by everything zoo lately.  My town has a cute little zoo that is the perfect size for him - with mostly farm animals.  He can run through the entire thing without a stroller and goes nearly every day with his Mimi (my mom).  The BIIIIIIIG zoo, as he calls it, was completely fascinating.  We spent over an hour watching the gorillas and chimps alone.  And I spent at least 20 minutes trying to convince him that an anteater was not, in fact, an elephant despite the long nose.  Too freakin' cute.

Hope everyone else is having a great summer!