Monday, July 25, 2011

20 weeks

So I'm currently on my night shift week ...which sucks when I'm not pregnant.  I don't deal with it well at ALL pregnant.  Thank God it's moved to every six weeks and we've actually interviewed a couple of people to work full time nights which would take me off the godforsaken rotation all together.  They better hire them ...or else I'm scheduled to do nights at 26, 33, and ummm... 39 weeks gestation.  Yeah.  I'm not feeling that at ALL.

Anyway.  I had my MFM level II ultrasound today.  I was beyond a wreck.  During my shift last night, I coded - as in code blue - unsuccessfully, mind you - a 20 something mother of four that was 9 days post-partum.  It was 2 in the morning, and my MFM was also there.  We both looked like crap for my appointment this morning at 9:30.  There are some codes that you will always remember for how horrific they truly were and how freaking horrible the circumstances that a family has just been thrown into are.  This was one of them.  Everyone there was rocked last night.  There are some things about pregnancy that just ....suck.  Like.  Really suck. 

Anyway.  Everything with this peanut looks great.  I couldn't be more shocked.  I really don't understand the 2 step integrated NT/Quad screen thing ...because I swear the whole purpose of it was to get the results in the first trimester.  I never DID get my results until today.  I knew that it was an excellent NT measurement. If I'm being honest, I never actually called to inform them that I didn't have the results because I didn't really want to deal with it until I was in the presence of the MFM anyway.  BUT - the results were stellar.  Less than 1:5000 for any of the tested chromosomal abnormalities.  Combined with a mostly perfect ultrasound (mostly because we couldn't see one kidney ...but he's pretty sure it's there) and exam (everything with me was great except my blood pressure :P - see code and lack of sleep above).  It's still a boy.  Measuring on target.  Placenta is no longer previa at ALL.  No sign of the SCH or any residual.   I'm still really, really not feeling movement.  I might feel a slight wiggle once or twice a day if I think about it really hard.  He didn't have any explanation for that seemed to be moving fine on the ultrasound.  Monk thinks it's just a lazy baby.  After the last couple of weeks with A2 ...I'm almost hoping that he's right!

I somehow managed to be at the appointment alone through a series of scheduling blunders.  I wouldn't recommend that to anyone.  I left his office full of good news ..and get this ...sobbed hysterically. 

Because I'm exhausted and overtired and hate the night shift.

And mostly .... because I can't figure out how we could possibly be so lucky.


Anonymous said...

omg. sucks about the code. those are the worst! and i'm super happy that the US was normal. :) when are we celebrating??

love the new look btw! :)

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