Monday, October 31, 2011

Three Years

Three years ago today, I wrote this post:

Trick or Treat

If you had told me then that those three years would have turned into this:

And this:

Plus an additional 34 week from all appearances healthy pregnancy -

I would have told you that you were insane.

Sometimes - life is too sweet.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Things

My favorite things about this week
  • Somehow nearly everyone in my practice (more than 20 people) managed to tell me that I look like I'm ready to explode at any second.
  • Anytime someone spills something in the office, they blame my water breaking.
  • On the same day someone told me I was huge, another doc (not in our practice, but whom I work closely with) said, "Ohmygod're pregnant!  I had no idea!" 
  • I actually made it in and out of my NST in 35 minutes today with a reactive baby
  • I got pulled over TWICE on the way home from work tonight.  
  • I left work early yesterday and today because of contractions.  So when I started crying and told the cop(s) that I was contracting and got out of the ordeal without a ticket was without lying.  I think they were afraid they might have to deliver me and promptly sent me on my way without a ticket.
  • My OB took me off work AGAIN at my appointment today. 
    • I've been having awful dizzy I'm going to pass out spells which I was telling her about during my exam.  I sat up when she was finished and promptly passed out on her table.  I believe in real life examples, I guess. Scared the living daylights out of her and the rest of the office.  I'm 99% sure the passing out and dizziness is because this breech baby keeps sticking his body parts into my aorta and/or inferior vena cava and blocks my blood supply.
  • I promptly returned to work immediately after she told me no more working.  I did, however, agree to reduce my hours and promised to stop if I pass out again.
  • Baby A2 is going to be a dinosaur for Halloween and couldn't be cuter or more excited about it.
  • Baby A2 is going to Sesame Street Live tomorrow with my mom and I.  You might already know this because he has broadcast it to the world in general every 30 seconds since I told him about it yesterday.  I forgot how incredibly excited a 2 year old could be.  The tickets were $100 and I'm thinking we might actually even end up going twice in the same weekend.  Because seriously.  The kid is excited.
  • The golden child,in all seriousness, asked me to buy her a "slutty" Halloween costume and described it as such.  Ummm.
  • The irony of raising a toddler, a newborn, and a teenager all at the same time is still not lost on me.  Perhaps overwhelming.  But full of conflicting needs and fun.

Monday, October 24, 2011

And just like that changed

So a week or two after that last post ....everything changed.  I don't know if there was some weird hormonal switch (my guess) or if I have some wonky pregnancy auto-immune craziness going on (what the overly intellectual internal med docs I spend my days with think) but I went back to feeling nomal.   No more crazy hatred towards Monk for unreasonable things and no more crazy emotional lability.  Coincidentally, my blood sugars also got way easier to manage.  Initially - they plummeted.  Plummeted to the point that I had several episodes of hypoglycemia and took myself completely off insulin and metformin.  Then they were normal for a couple of days without meds ...and then I slowly crept back to needing some insulin - but was also able to eat and stay in range.  Very much a relief.  Whatever the cause.  I did have some temporary freak outs when everything changed - it was very similar to what happened right before I went into labor with A2.  But here we are a couple of weeks later and he's still on the inside.

I'm back to twice weekly NSTs - which have only been dramatic twice so far.  On Friday, his heartrate was non-reactive for several hours.  He was active and moving a ton - but his heart rate wasn't accelerating as required.   While I was waiting for the OB to come and look at the strips and do a biophysical profile ultrasound, it occurred to me that this kid could potentially be taken out of me at any given NST appointment.  And ..holy cow I'm not ready.  No name.  No cord blood kit.  No diapers in the appropriate size.  No take me home outfit. 

You'd think the last 6 days I've had off from work would have given me some motivation to get that stuff done ...but it turns out ...umm  no.