Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is my brain on progesterone

How my day went:

7:30: Wake up because of a screaming bladder. Can't get back to sleep.
9:00: Jump in the shower. Realize I'm totally out of deodorant. Borrow my husband's. Spend 20 minutes trying to put the burning fire under my arms out. Pee.
9:30: Lay down ..just for a sec while the flat iron is warming up
11:00 Wake up AGAIN ...holy crap I slept half the morning away. Pee.
11:30 Make lunch for everyone
12:30 Umm...nap. After I pee.
1:30 Go for a haircut ...cause it's been like 3 years or something since I've done that. Need to stop at the bank on the way there.
2:00 Haircut. Dammit. Forgot the bank. Pee between the cut and the blow dry cause I can't wait.
3:30 Go Grocery shopping. Avoid the meat aisle. Realize that I forgot to bring the movie with me to return. Forget to buy deodorant. Pee twice in the grocery store.
4:00 Husband calls ...needs some special sauce from a special store. Reminds me to stop on the way home.
4:05 Drive right by the special store and forget to get the special sauce. Forget to stop at the bank. Again. Leave the groceries in the car because I have to pee so bad.
5:00 Make dinner.
5:45 Leave the house for all of the stuff I forgot. Stop at the bank ..deposit checks. Go to the special store for special sauce ..get to the check out ..realize that I don't have my wallet because I took it out of my purse to deposit checks at the bank. Seriously?? Do I have Alzheimer's?
5:55 Realize I forgot the movie AGAIN.
6:00 Buy deodorant.
6:10 Stop at McDonald's and get a chocolate shake. Cause know. Those are GREAT for PCOS pregnant women. Pee AGAIN.
6:20 Home. Pee. Nap.

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April said...

any urge to check labs today? ;)