Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nausea in the Grocery Aisles

Morning sickness, it seems, has hit me. And since I don't actually have the results of the latest beta, I'm assuming it is a good thing.

But if you live in Michigan? Consider this a warning.

I've had some very mild queasiness here and there ...of the "oh that's so cute" kind of variety. Unpleasant ..but not so much that it ruins your day. On Thursday, however, during a lunch proffered by a drug rep that I had never met before, all of that changed. He and the office girls were quipping about gross patient stories and someone mentioned chewing snot that gets coughed up. And I puked. At the table. And ..if you're curious? Jack Daniel's chicken from Fridays is delicious going down the first time and not so much when it makes an unexpected return.

Yesterday, I was intent on making dinner even though I was more than a little nauseated and set to scrambling some ground sirloin. Raw meat? Just as good of a trigger. There's like ...NO warning. I've never smelled anything that resembled dead rotting flesh more. And I've worked in a cemetery. Got an instant headache and went to bed. For the night. At 7:30. Yes. My Saturday nights are all kinds of wild and shexy.

The grand finale, however? I ran to the grocery store tonight for some things that my husband forgot and puked all over the floor in the carnage meat ...aisle. Holy wall of nastiness that I walked into. I'm sure the people in the aisle with me were equally as thrilled.

As I got back in the car with my waiting husband I must have looked like death warmed over. I retold the story ..and he said, "You begged for this! Prayed! This is what you wanted!"

And it is. Exactly.


April said...

it is what you wanted, but it doesn't make it less funny, oops! i mean sad, that you puke all over the place without warning.

...but it is a little funny :)

i'm going to steer clear of your area for awhile!! as a nurse i can deal with lots of stuff, but puke is not one of them!!

hang in there.

Searching for Serenity said...

Such exquisite detail! I believe you don't even need the results from your last beta. Your body has a dreadful way of telling you. But, DH is right. You wanted it. I hope your raw meat reflex doesn't last long.

Hang in there!