Friday, November 21, 2008


Today was not such a great day. For some reason, I only had 3 patients booked in the am and 22 in the afternoon. My energy levels these days seriously peak at like 1:30 p.m., so even with sneaking home to nap at lunch ...I was exhausted by 6 pm when I finally finished dictating. And then my poor family had to suffer when I came home crabby and overly emotional.

I've gotten into at least 12 fights with my husband tonight...and generally feel fairly neglected and unloved. I'm thinking that's a hormonal thing as well, but it's still very difficult to temper my responses appropriately. I feel like I have to remind him 20 times a day that I'm pregnant and taking hormones 4 times a day. He acts like I'm using it as an excuse. In fact, he even managed to say, "That's getting old." when I responded that I was tired because I'm pregnant. Um... yeah. I haven't decided yet if we're ever going to talk again yet after that one.

One of the secretaries at work made me really, really think about the speaking out about infertility thing today. She's older ...I would guess in her 50's or 60's. She, for some reason, asked me out of the blue if I was doing fertility treatments. I hesitated. Thought about yesterday's post, and said, "Yes." It was difficult at best. She then proceeded to tell me her prolonged reproductive history which involved 8 years of failed IUI, IVF, and recurrent loss. I was shocked ...because I guess...I suck...and have a preconceived idea about people that I think would do that kind of thing. I felt like I needed to take a shower after the talk - and not because she upset me. I upset myself with my utter shock that she would have gone through infertility. Anyway. I'm learning. One day at a time.

The family practice doc that still delivers baby listened for a heartbeat today and found one fairly quickly. I'm trying not to be too reassured. As pissy as I'm feeling? My thoughts aren't so much about happy family with new baby as they are about being a single mama again.

I do actually love my husband when my body has somewhat normal levels of hormones in it.


Sam said...

oh dearie me. I don't think that any man will ever understand just how tired we get until they get pregnant themselves. It is just such an alien experience for them. Of course, I know not of what I speak as I have never been pregnant!!

I do believe that it does pass though and that you get more energy as the pregnancy goes on!

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April said...

sometimes boys just don't get it. i was staying with my friends in DC a few summers ago and the girl was in the shower for a long time. when she came out, the boy said, "WTF? you're taking a 30 minute hot shower in the middle of the summer?" and she just looked at him and said very calmly: "do YOUR ovaries hurt? no? well, don't talk to me." that was the best response i have ever seen.

boys just don't get it sometimes. even though you are the one with the hormones going through you, you should try to be patient....he will never get it. in fact, he's probably just nervous and scared about how things may go given your hx. :)


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you are feeling neglected and unloved. You are going through a lot! Men just don't get it. I don't necessarily think we should let them off the hook though.

I just sprained my ankle a few days ago and my husband acts like I'm inconveniencing him so much when I ask him to get things for me. I've been so grumpy with him, to the point of snapping. I wish I knew how to make him take better care of me, emotionally and physically, during times like this.