Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My ovaries suck

Also entitled "Why you should be able to take xanax during pregnancy".

My progesterone level today plummeted to 16. And my OB/Friend is out of town. So the nurse gave the lab results to her partner whose opinion was that yes, I probably need progesterone supplement ...but felt that because the progesterone level was still normal, it could wait until tomorrow when the friendly OB gets back into town. Beta HCG is still doubling ..but barely..with a doubling time of 2.2 days and a number just over 2000. Totally not impressive for 5 weeks 2 days.

I've been frantically searching the Internet for how to dose progesterone supplement in early pregnancy because I'm totally NOT above calling in the meds for myself. And I'm seriously considering taking orals, progesterone in oil shots AND the vajayjay suppositories.

I've decided that I'll make my millions developing an anxiety med that can be taken during pregnancy ...because although I don't need it otherwise? When I'm pregnant and my stupid ovaries forget to nourish the baby I feel like a paranoid lunatic. I don't know that I'll make it through miscarriage number 4.


April said...

so...my clinic's protocol for progesterone suppplementation after positive beta with IVF is 200 of prometrium vaginally qid. when i did IUIs it was tid. :)

don't stress about the labs now. and NO xanax!!!

go play with some meat :)
(we are totally the same person!)

April said...

i thought about you yesterday. my RE is out of town and i had to talk to the on call doc to order a beta so i can start some provera to have a period since the prometrium did not work. he said that he would try to call me later in the day with my results and i had to tell him that i would probably know the results before him and could page him with them if he wanted. :) he was a little taken aback. i don't think that he knew what to do....not sure that this was in his training: how to respond to the patient who checks their own labs, makes thier own tx plan, knows how to alpha page you, and isn't afraid to call the attending if you f-up. :)

you okay? hanging in there?

Bee said...

Oh my gosh. it isn't fair that even you come out on the other side of if, you have to worry even more. It's so unfair! Some people will never understand worry like you are experiencing. I am praying for you!