Saturday, January 31, 2009


The resiliency of the human mind is astounding to me. Specifically, I was thinking how laughable it is that after three miscarriages it took me precisely 2 weeks out of the first trimester to settle into the idea that my body functions perfectly and that there would be no reason to ever think that something less than perfect would be created in my womb. Seriously? Two weeks? Please remember was not so long ago when I was turning pomegranate soap into blood. You would think that I would expect anything BUT perfection, right?

I have to say that I'm feeling immensely better about the entire situation after a couple of days worth of space and several prolonged conversations with the docs I surround myself with. I also called the MFM and asked his opinion about the difference in due date and what that implications it would have on the test results. He says that if the dates are truly off that much the test will easily correct out to normal. He still wants the Level II ultrasound (which I'm totally good with) to confirm the dates and says we'll go from there. I tried to weasel my way into an earlier appointment - but he's going out of town. I could see his partner ...but ..umm...I'm really partial to this guy so ...we'll wait until February 10th. I've had several really interesting conversations with both my friend/OB and other docs regarding how the wrong date was reported. The OB/friend swears she doesn't know ...that the correct date is in my chart and thinks it was a nursing error. A lot of the other docs think it was the OBs error and made several comments such as "they don't actually teach us to listen to patients in med school." We'll see. I guess it really changes nothing in the end. But I'd like to think that my friend that is my OB would listen to me. No?

So now we wait. Consciously, I'm totally at peace right now. Subconsciously I must not be because I've had MFM appointment/Downs baby dreams every single night. I'll take the conscious part for now and work on the rest later.


April said...

i'm hoping that things really turn out to be okay. i think that i am more anxious about waiting for your date than worrying about what's going on with me!


April said...

i also forgot to comment on the nursy nurse comment :) i really think that we are the same person. all of that touchy-feely stuff doesn't come naturally to me. I need reminders.

Not sure how many we will transfer. last time we put back three, but that was b/c only three had divided and developed. plus they were pretty crappy. so....based on recommendations from the team we put back all three to try to increase the odds. i'm hoping for better embryo quality this time. i just have to worry about my endometrial lining. :(

April said...

come to AA! we'll get zingermans for lunch and seva for dinner! anytime!!!