Monday, January 26, 2009

4 month check-up

Sometimes, it is really, really nice to work in health care. I waited 0.5 seconds for my OB appointment today - as in they took me straight back from the desk. I'm down another 3 pounds - which is awesome considering that I've been eating like someone that's been on survivor for 8 seasons without a break and was just introduced to a buffet line. Cripes. The hunger is crazy. I made a 2 scrambled egg and cheese bagel sandwich yesterday and could easily have consumed 3 of them without blinking if I had let myself. Anyway. BP was great. Labs were fine. Heart rate still 164. I told her my theory about water pica. She told me Probably still building up blood volume and I'm fine. Keep drinking. Work less. Max 10 hours/day 60 per week for now and we'll work on restricting down farther at the next appointment. She's all about a Vbac if the baby is a normal size and not a moose like the golden child. 3D anatomy scan scheduled for 2 weeks from now. Against my better judgment, I did the quad screen and CF screen. We'll see what kind of anxiety that sets me up for in the next week. In and out including the blood draw in 22 minutes. Not too shabby.

Talking about delivery options at 17 weeks? It's so weird to feel ....normal.


Searching for Serenity said...

Gotta be thankful for quick and smooth check-ups!

Glad everything is going well and things are starting to feel normal for you.

April said...

but you are normal :) being in healthcare does have it's perks.

i got the call from the 1st year fellow today: hi april. it's dr. RE. calling with your lab results, but i'm guessing that you already saw them on the system. if you have questions call me." :) ha ha.

labor and childbirth scare me.

also (last random comment). i thought this post was going to have a picture of your belly :)