Friday, May 13, 2011


So ...blogger went down and my last post went with it?  Very strange.

Anyway.  Bad day for blogger to be off for me.  All of the blogs I follow on google reader that are blogger blogs are messed up too. 

So.  I went and had an ultrasound yesterday, fully prepared and expecting to see a dead baby.  I had even tentatively scheduled a D&C for before my OB went off call.  And ...lo and behold.  The baby is alive.  And relatively huge!   Like ...2 cm crown to rump length from 0.18 cm 2 weeks ago.  Heart rate 165.  Measuring on track.

And I have a fairly large subchorionic hemorrhage.  Which I know close to nothing about.  I came home and read about them for a while, got duly freaked out, and quit reading.   I'm taking it easy and that's about it for now.  There's been no additional blood. 

I'm taking it one day at a time.  Trying not to anticipate.  Trying to remember to breathe.  Slowly.


Amanda said...

I'm glad that things are alright. I'm sure this isn't going to do anything for your nerves though.

Blogger corrupted a bunch a data and is reloading all posts added since wednesday and the comments too and they are doing a VERY SLOW job of it apparently.

Alyssa said...

I am very very happy for you!

April said...

So. I thought that blogger just hated me, lol. You know I'm so happy to hear this...but (like you) always worried about the what if. The good news is that the OB doesn't seem to be upset about it, right? They know more than we do (most of the time anyway!!). Just continue to keep it easy and don't be a superstar. And you might have to tell your family :)

Searching for Serenity said...

Thanks for stopping by and offering your kinds words.

I'm breathing.

SCH? Scary. Period. Not something I want to read about a bloggie friend.

Deep breathing along with you.

Thinking of you.