Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm thinking this baby, if it lives, is going to be deaf.  Because seriously?  How many ultrasounds can you have?  The really nice part of my job is that I spend the majority of my time in the ER and work pretty closely with the ER physicians.  Several of them have just had babies, and most of them are as paranoid as me.  Easy access to ultrasounds.  So, despite the massive amounts of blood over the weekend, the baby is still alive ...and kickin'.  Heart rate 170.

I called the OB yesterday morning just to make sure there was nothing else that I should be doing ...and she said, Umm. Yeah.  You should be on bedrest.  Wha?  This would pose a major - and I mean major - financial conundrum.  I have short term disability and we could technically make it ...but just technically.  Monk is going through weird job stuff right now because of his back injury.  I don't know.  So anyway.  I promptly responded by staying at work for the remaining 7 hours of my 12 hour shift. 

And I'm home today.  I only work 3 days a week ...and in my mind, I'm going to be ready to go back on Thursday.  The thing is?  I'm a horrible patient.  When baby A2 asks for me to pick him up ...I pick him up.  I really think that being home may be more physically straining than being at work.  I can pretty much adapt my job to be very non-physical if I need to.  I currently walk ..a LOT ..but could easily not.  I could have one of my partners see the patients that are far away and I could sit my butt in the ER - only getting up to go see 7-8 patients a day.  And I could sit through the majority of their evaluation if I had to.  Bedrest doesn't make much sense to me because I know that I won't actually follow through on it.  Monk - god love him - doesn't get it.  Even last night - day 1 of the trial - from 8 p.m. when I got home until 10 p.m. when I got the baby to sleep - he must have grumbled 27000 times about what I wasn't doing.  And honestly?  It wasn't a lot that I wasn't doing.  I would feel like a heel if I didn't at least try bedrest and the baby died.  So I'm trying it for 2 days.  We'll see what happens.  Follow up with the OB tomorrow and I'll go from there. 

Having an almost 2 year old has got to be the best thing ever.  He is soooo amazingly fun right now.  Full of enthusiasm and clapping and screaming, "HAPPY!!" when he gets something he wants.  Love love it.


Anonymous said...

do you even really need me to comment? because you KNOW what i'm going to say. you should be on BR. you know it. and monk will get over it. just quit throwing cheetos everywhere and he will manage. :)

Searching for Serenity said...

Strong Blonde - you crack me up.

Seriously though....I kept waiting for someone to tell me I needed to goin on BR. After the first bleed and u/s, nothing. Second u/s, again nothing. So I went back to my usually routine of picking Nugget up and going about my active lifestyle.

If I could do it all over again, I would sit my ass on the couch for the next 6 months. I never got that direction from a medical professional, but it's what my body was screaming at me.

My outcome could have been the same regardless, but at least I would have done everything I could to prevent it. I rely too much on what my doctors say instead of just listening to my body and gut.

Please take it easy.