Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So I think I'm totally psychotic or something. I didn't get over my organic milk crisis until like 2 p.m. today or something. It's insane to have no control over your emotions at all.

I called the MFM this morning to ask about the teenie tiny head. He said he doesn't think that there is anything to worry about. Apologized for not saying anything at the appointment. He didn't notice how off the percentage was when the RN scanned me. He said that with the chaos of the appointment and the non-reactive stress test and then me passing out on the table it just got missed. That he would have normally re-scanned it himself to get a more accurate measurement. He went over the pictures again and said that it was a really bad angle because the baby's head is sitting directly on my cervix (comfy, yes). Anyway. He made me feel better. Or at least stop hyperventilating.

Then I had my OB appointment early because I started spotting again. She sent me in for more monitoring. Turns out that I spot during fairly intense contractions because umm..I'm trying to dilate or something. Then she told me that she was going to have to move my C-section date back by a week because of new hospital and keystone guidelines that forbid scheduled sections before 39 weeks. Okay seriously? I know I chaired a Keystone ICU best practice committee for several years. But umm..right now? I'd like to tell Keystone where to go. So anyway. I'm currently grappling with: 1) doing what she says and relaxing when contractions pick up and 2) attempting to run a marathon when I start contracting to force labor early. I think I'll compromise and go her way for another 2 weeks and then what's fair is fair. Right? Right.

Open message to the overly chatty somewhat older and very full figured woman in the OB waiting room (notice that I'm such a witch that I have to call her fat while complaining about how she called me fat):

Not everyone wants to be asked how pregnant they are, what they are having, when they are due. I realized my turn was shortly coming because you assaulted every new mom and pregnant woman in the room with the same questions and rude comments about their answers. Can I just tell you that it was not a good idea on my psychotic day to ask me how many children I was having? Two? Three? Four? And to "apologize" by saying that not everyone shows as well as me? Ummm...seriously lady? You're lucky you lived through that today. Seriously. If you had been smart, you would have asked my husband what happened when he suggested I buy non-organic milk yesterday before opening your mouth in my general direction.