Sunday, May 24, 2009

Feeling the Stretch

This pregnancy has been so completely odd for me. The slow realization that it was REAL. Eventually thinking it might be a real baby that lived past 14 weeks. The belief that it would turn into a real live human being. My son. I've only recently - and by recently, I mean days - been able to visualize actually having a newborn in our lives. Seeing him in our home. Watching his room {slowly} come together. I've wondered, lately, what our relationship will be like. How it will change my relationship with Monk. And with my daughter. Wondering how and if it will compare to my relationship with my daughter.

She and I have been together - and mostly alone - for a very long time. There has never been anything that she had to truly compete for. Time, yes. Graduate school ...yes. But in all honesty? There was never a competition. If she needed something, everything else was trumped without question.

This week, with her sick and me with multiple appointments for the soon to be sibling, things got trumped that I would normally never have thought about. Although she's 13, it tore my heart out to leave the house and leave her here alone for a few hours with a fever of 104 and feeling like crap. But - at the same time - I was spotting and her brother's life could have been in jeopardy. It was a first for us. I gave her motrin. Loved her up {from a distance due to contagion} and called in a grandma to substitute for me.

So begins the next chapter in all of our lives.

She's doing much better this morning ...fever, cough, and runny nose all but gone. Eyes are bright again and she asked if she could run this morning. We still don't have the official results ...but I'm so glad that we got her on the tamiflu as quickly as we did. Even with it, her lungs sounded horrible for a while. Little reminders of our distant asthma past.

This weekend, because we're incredibly cheap, we returned all of the big ticket items to babies r us that we got at the shower and re-bought them with coupons. We ended up with an extra $300 and bought the majority of the rest of the stuff that we needed. Kind of tacky ..but umm...whatever. They should give people the coupons when they buy the stuff! Now we're going to spend today doing some more painting, assembling, washing, and trying to get everything else ready.

Four weeks left??!? Are you kidding me?


Mo and Will said...

Wow. Four weeks left. So wonderful!


strongblonde said...

how come your pregnancy has gone by so quickly, but mine is dragging on?? that doesn't compute somehow ;)

remember not to get too crazy. let monk do the majority of the work. you're better at directing, anyway, right?

glad g-c is feeling better...that is a relief!

SS said...

Not tacky at all- very smart!!