Monday, April 13, 2009

28 weeks and hypochondria

So ...I must be a hypochondriac or something ...I swear.

I had my 28 week visit today. Weight stable at 6 pounds up ..which, frankly, I'm thrilled with seeing as Easter was yesterday and I ate enough for a small army. She claims that my 1 hour glucose tolerance test was "fine" ...meaning that I passed. But it was 129. When I explained that the fingerstick reading was 158 and the 2 hour finger stick was 171 she was concerned. Perhaps a little surprised when I said that I started myself on insulin ..but then again ..she knows me, so not that much. I'm sure this is what happened with the golden child who then grew to be 9 pounds 11 ounces 3 weeks early. So ..I'm going to keep testing. Maybe not so obsessively when I eat appropriately ..but at least twice a day and definitely if I screw up with carbs. She wants my goal to be less than 120 two hours post prandial or 140 one hour post prandial. I'm measuring 28. Visits go to every 2 weeks. Whoo hoo. My office manager is going to love me.

We had a really nice Easter yesterday ...even though I started out perturbed. Something that I still haven't figured out was up with my mother in law and she claimed she wasn't participating in Easter and was going to the casino instead. I sort of knew better and bought and made the dishes to pass that I would normally be asked to bring. At 6:00 on Saturday night she called to say that maybe she would make a ham and leave it at her house for the siblings. On Sunday morning, it turned out she was going to be there and could we show up with dishes to pass around 11:00 a.m.?? Umm....seriously ....I can't even tell you how pissed I would have been if I didn't pre-empt that. Anyway. Good day there ...good day at my mom's. A little awkward when my very newly married and not as newly pregnant step-niece and new husband got into a blow up fight in front of everyone. Yikers. I ate my weight in appetizers, dinner, and ...a first for me ...banana cream pie. Then injected insulin. I think I'm worse than a heroin addict.

I woke up at 3 am to pee and noticed I was really achy around my rib cage in the back on the right hand side ..I feared it was going to be another muscle spasm issue and tried to lay back down. The pain started to spread to the front. I went downstairs to try and lay on a heating pad. Pain got worse ...much worse. I got super nauseated and thought I was going to puke ...went to the bathroom ...pain spread to my chest ..crushing ..elephant sitting on my chest ohmygod I'm dying chest pain ...I yelled for Monk ...he came to get me ...and it just kept escalating. I've never been so miserable ...ever. If I stood up the pain would go back under my ribs ...sat down ..crushing chest pain. I finally got into a very attractive tolerable pain-wise position of on my knees and elbows with ass in the air. Monk was freaking out. I was panicking ...I honest to god was sure I was going to die. I finally decided we had to go to the hospital ..called his mom to come stay with the golden child ...I stood up to put on a bra ..because know ..even when I'm dying? I don't want people to kn0w that my nipples could get caught between my toes when I walk without a bra on ...

and the pain stopped. Just like that quick as it started ...gone. WTF??!? When I was done hyperventilating, I decided it must have been a gall bladder attack caused by a stubborn heads up baby, cheesy potatoes, ranch dressing, and banana cream pie. Lovely. The OB agreed today but then got distracted by me having contractions in the office so I never figured out what to do about it.

She did a fetal fibronectin swab - which, if you haven't had the pleasure - is a cervical swab without lubrication speculum and all. Lovely. I'm supposed to wait for the call tonight. I guess it fairly accurately predicts if you are at high risk of delivering in the next 10-14 days. If it's positive ...It's all about bedrest and steroid shots. If negative...I'm off to work in the a.m.

OH ..and I got the day off today because there was no power in the building. The Easter Bunny does love me.

Holy scattered incredibly long post sorry.


SS said...

what an eventful 48 hours! I hope the preterm labor test comes back negative. keep us posted-

Anonymous said...

i'm assuming that your test was negative since you said you were off to work this am :) so that is good news. but seriously? wtf? what is going on with this pregnancy?? if it's not one thing it's another. sometimes i wonder if you weren't in health care what would have happened to you by now....

hope you're feeling better and have no more CP!!!!