Monday, February 9, 2009

T-14 Hours

And counting. Until the ultrasound.

To say that I'm nervous would be the understatement of the century. Makes the pomegranate nightmare seem like a dream.

Because I'm brilliant? I watched an episode of Mystery Diagnosis last night that started with a quad screen positive for Down's and ended in some rare genetic disorder that 250 people in the united states have. Umm..wasn't so much helpful.

The silver lining? I obviously won't be sleeping tonight - so I will probably finally get somewhat caught up on blog reading and commenting.

1 comment:

April said...

oh jeeze! wtf? we're the same person. why did you watch the mystery dx? seriously? (when i was pregnant the first (and only) time i ended up watching some f-ing marathon about complicated pregnancies, neonatal death and whatnot. B came home to find me paralyzed in front of the tv. all he could say is: what are you doing?????)

almost time. then you can stop stressing about it. deep breaths. do your nursy-nurse trick of visualization of a healthy pregnancy. ...that's what i'm doing for you :)