Sunday, February 15, 2009


I've made no decision about the amnio. Which, I guess, is a decision. It doesn't look like it's going to happen.

In happier news, I've actually started to think about making preparations for his arrival. Strange. I'm currently trying to figure out a plan for the nursery. AND ...I'm super excited. We had a family birthday party last night {yes - on Valentine's Day Monk's family } and my sister in law's sister's boyfriend is a manager at M.oosejaw. They're clearing last year's stuff out and have the Bug.aboo Frog stroller on sale for 85% off. Now ..mind you ...I have never, ever heard about this stroller before ..but it is apparently the shit in the Stroller World. I did some quick online research and it seems to get really good reviews.

Long and short of it? I just bought not one - but two - $900 strollers for $130 each. What the hell??? Who needs a $900 stroller??? The current plan is to sell one on e.bay to pay for the other plus some extra left over.

The important part for me? I actually purchased something for this baby. For my baby. My baby that is - at this point - half cooked. And still alive. And kicking. Often.



LitterOf1 said...

I respect your amnio decision and I know that you'll love this darling baby and go to the ends of the earth for the little one no matter what.

I would like to purchase one of your frog strollers ASAP before you put it on ebay. I really need a more lightweight one and this will prevent you from having to pay seller fees. What colors are they? Please email me right away at L.itter.Of1 without any . so we can talk!

icoobaby1 said...

You have got the strollers at best deal. I think you should have opt for the best one like Hauck speed sun stroller at the best affordable price.

Anonymous said...

:) i didn't know what a bugaboo was until i started reading a blog with the name in the title. i don't get it :)

...maybe i'll get to buy the other one and we'll have matching strollers for our dates at seva?

Searching for Serenity said...

Our neighbors have a Bug.aboo stoller for their OH SO spoiled son. I must admit, I'm envious and wish we could afford such luxury. You've hit the bit time.

Congrats on your half-baked bundle of Boy!