Friday, February 13, 2009


I'm super scattered ...because life has been super scattery this week and I'm on call this weekend. Thus ...things I need to get down will have to be done in bullet format because I don't have enough functioning brain cells to form an actual, you know, sentence.

  • My 85 year old grandma fell off her back porch on Tuesday and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. They did a chest x-ray and gave her pain medicine she told them she was allergic to. She was in incredible pain everywhere so they put a morphine patch on her and sent her home. No other testing, but pain they felt was severe enough to warrant morphine at home.
  • She called me 2 days later crying, asking for help.
  • I took her to my hospital ER. She had broken 2 vertebrae in her back, 6 ribs, and her pelvis.
  • Rage? Doesn't even begin to explain it. She nearly died from their incompetence. She could still.
  • Thank you for the help/advice with Amnio. I'm still lost. I had completely decided NOT to do it and then promptly came home today and had a panic attack thinking about it. I really think that the baby is fine but don't feel like dealing with the anxiety. I'll make a decision on Monday. I guess my main thought is that if the baby does have Downs, I want to process that now before I'm holding and cuddling him and trying to bond. Does that make sense? I don't want shock and disappointment to be part of that time.
  • I've been spending a lot of time on the to amnio or not boards and parenting a downs baby boards. Umm...holy painful.
  • My pelvis hurts really bad. Like ..I feel it separating. I can't decide if it's real or if I'm having sympathy pain for grandma.
  • There are at least 4 beta HCG's in the blogosphere that I'm anxiously awaiting this week. I think I'm more excited/nervous for their results than I was for mine if that's possible.
  • I'm going to have to have a name survey ...because we have nothing. No ideas. Nothing even close. I have a five syllable very Italian last name that's making first names difficult to me for some reason.
  • I was super sore like 3 days ago. I felt like I ran a marathon and trained for an Iron man all on the same day. I was convinced that it was the baby pushing things around. When I couldn't explain how sore my arms were, I decided that my sleep number bed was set wrong. Everything ached.
  • Then I realized that I walked the dog the day before. 2 miles.
  • Pathetic. How do your arms hurt from walking a 15 pound dog?
  • I hate this stage of pregnancy. Nothing fits. Maternity clothes are way too big. All but 4-5 of my work shirts are way too small.Regular pants fit. Sort of. Maternity pants look goofy.
  • Snow and 60 degree weather in the same week pisses me off.
  • I've all but given up hope of ever moving out of this dreadful city.
  • I forgot to mention that I had a fairly long discussion with the MFM about the usefulness of the quad screen. I told him I was sort of irritated that I had done it ...even more so that it was abnormal and stressing me out. He gave me a very educational lecture about how much good it actually does. Even with a normal amnio, the abnormal results often predict something wrong with the pregnancy - can predict pre-term labor, insufficient placenta, etc. He actually went through the different possibilities of every one of the four markers and what it could mean. Told me about a few patients where having the test actually saved the baby's life because he was able to start scanning on a regular basis and knew exactly when to hospitalize mom and when to get the baby out. Anyway. I found it very reassuring somehow as well as incredibly informative. So I'd like to retract my statement that I'd never do a quad screen again. I would. But I'd hate it just the same.

Umm....I think that's it. For now. Wish me luck at surviving another 12 days without a day off! I hate this part of my job. hate it. I love the part that got me out at 11:30 today instead of 7:00 tonight. Hmmm....I think maybe I'm just lazy and don't like to work at all.


Cassandra said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother's accident and the subsequent incompetence at the ER. Hope that she has a smooth recovery.

Anonymous said... about your grandma? where the heck was she? i have a guess.... that totally sucks. they took XRs, how could they miss stuff? arg. i completely understand your anger.

i'm freaking out about my beta. my boobs feel less full now, i did have *occasional* nipple pain, but that's gone, and i have the ever-present feeling of a uterus/cramps. i think that these are bad signs when put together. :(