Saturday, June 6, 2009


Has anyone watched Mental on Fox? I don't know if it's the health care provider in me or what ..but I totally love it. Last night's episode was ...interesting. An OB/Gyn husband so desperate for a baby that he convinced himself AND his wife that she was pregnant ....and she had physical symptoms, a swollen belly, everything ..even though she wasn't. It was an interesting perspective of infertility from the male side.

Life in my world is pretty much the same. I continue to have false labor episodes on a daily basis ....contractions 5-8 minutes apart for several hours and then it stops. It'll be interesting to see if my cervix has changed at all at my appointment on Monday. Very, very frustrating on my end because it is soooo incredibly uncomfortable. I go from being sure that I should take an ambulance to L&D to ..umm..nothing. Bizarre. The golden child is desperate for me to not give birth until Thursday. She has her last 8th grade field trip (an overnighter to a huge amusement park in the next state) tomorrow and Monday ...graduation on Wednesday followed by a sort of junior prom. She's ecstatic with excitement about it all and terrified that the baby may try to steal her Thunder.

One of the few things that makes me more comfortable during the pretend labor sessions is a huge exercise ball. Last night ...I was sitting on it during some particularly intense contractions that had me feeling like there was a knife in my cervix. When I stood up pants were completely soaked. Drenched. Wet. Didn't think that I peed at all. Monk flipped out and started running around getting ready to go to the hospital ...I convinced him to wait and see. I haven't really had any more fluid leakage so I'm assuming that I peed my pants. Lovely. Pregnancy is infinitely filled with glamour, no? I don't feel well today at all. I wake up super early every morning now ..which is NOT my style. I got ready for the day when everyone else was still safely tucked in bed and went to the grocery store. I had to abandon the trip half way through because I felt SO rotten. Contracting, about to have diarrhea, pass out, sort of short of breath ick. Thought maybe it was a blood sugar issue ...but that really has been very, very well controlled and it was fine. Came home to rest ...and I'm still having contractions every 6 minutes right now.

So I run to labor and delivery ever 14 seconds and have them find out that I'm a psycho? Or blow it off and have it be the real thing and deliver on my living room floor? I'm just a nervous wreck all the time. I think I need to bring home some supplies from the office so I can do amniotic fluid checks and what not and feel better about the whole thing.

I still have so. much. to. get. ready. Every time I think we're set ...I remember about 20 additional things that we absolutely have to have. How many "last trips" to Babies R Us do you think I can make???


Alyssa said...

I totally wanted to see that Episode but the sound on that station was GONE when I turned to the station. I had no idea why...

Leah said...

I have spent the last hour reading your blog. I am really glad that I came across it because I have been having the same Down's fears as you. I had the 1st trimester screening done and it came back positive for Down's. The ultrasound measurments were great but the bloodwork showed increased odds. We decided not to do the amnio, as this is my 4th pregnancy with no live baby yet. I wasn't willing to risk it since I wouldn't terminate anyway. We had our anatomy scan at 21 weeks and everything looked great. The peri said he didn't see any reason for concern, but that hasn't eased my fears. Sometimes the fear is crushing! I know that you get it, just by reading your blog.
I have really had to tell myself that Down's is not the worst thing that could happen. If this baby has it, she will still need love, food, clothes, etc. I am certain that we will both love our children unconditionally and will do whatever it takes to give them the best life possible. I'm sorry you are going through the stress, but it's nice to have someone understand. My husband is wonderful but gets totally freaked out if I want to talk about it. Your blog has really helped me.
I will be following along to see how the delivery goes! Good luck! Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

i have not seen that show! you should have told me about it, you know it sounds right up my alley! :)

you know how i feel about the contractions. i guess you can wait until next weekend to have this kid. you will be 36 wks then, right?? ;)