Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 25 Appointment

Is it me ...or is time flying by? I think it's rather amusing that I'm 25 weeks. Because I feel like maybe I'm 7 or something. Umm...perhaps time to get cracking on all things baby preparation ...no?

More for my records than anything else ....Week 25 appointment stats:

Weight up 6 pounds total. Bleh. I'm thinking I'm not going to make my 10 pound maximum gain goal. In my defense ...I'm going to guess I have at least 4 pounds worth of fluid still hanging around judging by the 3+ pitting edema that I still have. It's sexy. Seriously. I don't know how Monk keeps his hands off of me....what with the ankle rolls and all. My blood pressure when I got there was 140/90. She had me lay on my left side for like ..90 seconds ..and re-checked it and it had dropped to 115/54. Hmmm. She threatened me with bed rest. I assured her that I had stopped call and will work zero overtime. I'm going to have to talk to my second boss about taking a leave of absence until after my maternity leave. I hate the very idea of it if you want to know the truth. Heartrate was 156. I either don't remember or she didn't measure me. Strange. The next Level II ultrasound is scheduled with the MFM to re-check the baby's renal pelvis. She ordered physical therapy for the out of control pelvic pain as well as a molded pelvic support brace thingie. I have to get another glucose tolerance test but had her order glucose strips so I can check my blood sugar on my own because I'm incredibly paranoid about stopping the metformin. So much so that umm..I haven't stopped but am instead weaning myself off. I don't like change much.

In extra good news, the IRS sent me a very pretty letter today telling me that I owe them over $14k for my 2007 taxes because I failed to report $30k in income that I received from an insurance company that 1099'd me. Umm...after I picked Monk up off the floor, I realized that one of the insurance companies that I bill for services reported the income under my personal social security number instead of the business tax id number. Which um...is going to be a massive clusterf*** to try and fix. And ..strangely enough ...no one in my office remembers ever seeing a 1099 in my name. Or so they say.

Any bets on what my blood pressure was after reading that letter???

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strongblonde said...

for the love of all...that totally sucks! hope you can get it straightened out before this little man comes. :)