Friday, July 10, 2009

Still Home

The Birth Story - Part Two. Will be coming soon. I promise. But first? A quickie type update.

So apparently having a new baby hasn't improved my blogging skills at all. I keep meaning to post ...and then I realize that I can't actually nurse and type at the same time ..and well...someone is always hungry so he wins. Life has actually been very, very good. I feel drunk on love. The oxytocin/prolactin/breastfeeding love drug is working it's wonders in ways I didn't even remember were possible. I feel all cuddly and lovey dovey towards nearly everyone. It's the part of me that has been missing for ...well ...years...the part that I couldn't figure out where it went or why it was gone. I'm more than happy to spend my nights with everyone right on top of me all in the same chair ...and I've devoted hours to bitching about that on this blog in the past several months. It's really been rather lovely to find this part of myself again. Very healing. I could wax poetic about it for years, really. I'm just desperate for it to not end. I've even told Monk that maybe we should have like 14 more children to make sure it doesn't go away.

I ended up with a nasty incisional infection that made me feel like I was dying for several days. By the time I dragged myself into the OB I was nearly delirious. I felt much better after 3 days of antibiotics. The baby has had an appointment literally every day between weight checks, kidney ultrasounds, jaundice checks, etc. It's really all I can do to leave the house by 11:30 a.m. ...which bodes well for going back to work. The baby had a nasty kidney test today that broke my heart ...the results of which will tell us if he's basically okay or if he has to have surgery. The strangest thing is that I'm not really all that nervous about it. He is soooo much easier to care for on the outside than he was on the inside. So much. He nurses like an expert and typically sleeps almost through the night - usually waking just once to nurse and goes right back to sleep. He's easily soothed, doesn't spit up, has no real elimination of body substances issues, and really only cries for good reason. I've had no nipple soreness or issues even though he nurses like 12 times a day. Life is so much better now that my anxiety is mostly gone. I didn't even realize how paralyzing it was until it wasn't there anymore. Physically ...I feel so much better. The absence of pelvic pain and being able to walk again alone makes me feel like a new woman. The golden child has been absolutely wonderful ...she is at least as in love with her brother as I am. This whole process has been so much easier because of her help . . . she's always willing to hold/cuddle/run for objects/allow me to shower and look human.

My weight is down 33 pounds ..and I only gained 13 during the pregnancy. I'm super psyched about that. I know a lot of it is fluid and the dreaded swelling finally resolving. ...but it does tell me how lovely life would be without PCOS. What to do to keep that under control?

The baby rolled over several times tonight ...from belly to back ..which WAY early and terrifies me for what is to come! I had to take video because my own mother didn't believe me.

The new king of our household is stirring ....more tomorrow ( I hope!)


Amanda said...

Glad to hear you have such an agreeable little baby. I hope his kidney test comes back good. Surgery is an awful lot for a little body.

Very cool on the weight loss! Maybe the breastfeeding will continue to help with PCOS.

Belly to back already does sound really fast! Good luck with tummy time.

SS said...

glad to hear you have a dream baby and are feeling so good. how in the hell do you end up 20 pounds lighter weeks after pregnancy?? kudos....